Workshops to Unlock Your God-given Freedom to Flourish

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Searching for an engaging event speaker who loves sharing about how the Kingdom's story connects to our everyday lives? Look no further! Hector & Cherish are a married duo with a passion for seeing people champion their freedom to flourish in their everyday lives and society. They have over 15 years of experience coordinating community initiatives & teaching and speaking to groups of all ages and varying demographics.

Freedom to Flourish

You wake up in the morning hoping today is a better day than yesterday. In your life. In your family. In the work you do. There is a longing in every human heart to grow and make things better. That desire maybe revealing what we were meant to be. To flourish. 


But we often find ourselves in a story we fell into. A story that doesn’t seem to be as epic or inviting as we expected it would be. It is the story of a universe that once was flourishing. The earth was fruitful and everything created was good. But we all know what happened. The beginning of the story ended with the fall of humanity. The good news is, that in spite of the fall, God is calling every human to a life of freedom. Freedom to the work of redemption and restoration for our lives. Freedom to be what God made us to be. Freedom to flourish. In our life and community. In everything we do. For the good of all He has created and for His glory.


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