Let your heart be restored and recover what makes you come alive. Based on the promise “I will give you a new heart”, wholehearted is an invitation to a journey of freedom, adventure, and beauty. An on-site message designed for your Sunday service or a week night group gathering.

Duration: 1 Hour.


Your worldview matters. Worldviews shape our lives, our relationships and our culture. It is the lens by which we examine and solve problems. Discover the worldview that transforms nations. Ideal for your Sunday service, your workshop, or a week night casual group study.


Duration: 1 hour

An On-site planning workshop for your team

Discover the strength and role of the church in flourishing communities. Use your God-given creative thinking to design projects that will impact communities and its people for good. During the workshop, everyone will learn a framework that can be used to create a foundational plan. You’ll then design a project as a team so that everyone leaves the workshop with a ready-to-run action plan to serve people with their gifts, talents, time and resources, for the thriving and flourishing of your community.

Duration: 8 Hours.

Available in blocks of 2 hours per week

or 1-full day on Saturdays

  • Session 1: Your role in Flourishing Communities

  • Session 2: Planning and Project Design

  • Session 3: Serving with a Kingdom Perspective

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