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An On-site
planning workshop for your team

Discover the strength and role of the church in flourishing communities and use your God-given creative thinking to design projects that will impact communities and its people for good. 


During the workshop, everyone will learn a framework that can be used to create a foundational plan. You’ll then design a project as a team so that everyone leaves the workshop with a ready-to-run action plan to serve people with your gifts, talents, time and resources, for the thriving and flourishing of the community and for the good of all He has created.

  • Session 1: Your role in Flourishing Communities

  • Session 2: Planning and Project Design

  • Session 3: Serving with a Kingdom Perspective

Duration: 8 Hours.

Workshops are currently available in the southeast New Mexico area. For out of the area on-site Workshops, please contact us. Services are also available in both English and Spanish language.

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Design for today & tomorrow

Address today's challenging issues using geographic information systems (GIS).

Community issues, solutions and citizen engagement can be understood geographically, demographically and by theme. We use the most innovative mapping technology to address the holistic needs of your organization. Your community will acknowledge your attention to collaboration and improved civic outreach.